Established in 2018, WISE ENGLISH is one of the most prominent English Centers with the sustainable development. Since the opening day, WISE has gained reputation thanks to the high-quality of education as well as benefits for employees.


We strongly concentrate on helping teachers grow through regular training sessions, feedback and teacher’s meeting. In addition, our experienced Educational Department team always has initiatives with the aim of ensuring a high standard of academic quality.


Loving and supporting to each other is one of the key values that characterize WISE’s members. Staff not only show the enthusiasm and dedication in work but they also heartly support their teammates. Also, many teambuilding activities are organised by WISE ENGLISH outside the classroom to strengthen the bond between WISERS.


Study Smarter, Not Harder

The Mission of WISE ENGLISH is to help young people change their English study methods based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Linguistics to conquer the language in the FASTEST and most EFFECTIVE way.

WISE’S Slogan is :“Study Smarter, Not Harder”

Our Teaching Methods

Our special and distinctive methods include the 6-step Vocabulary Study and Transcribing methods which are based on the principles of the Neuro-linguistics programming (NLP) and Linguistics science. The methods have helped thousands of students get the IELTS 6.5 and above and be able to speak English fluently within a short period of time. They are literally able to save 80% of their time, yet still achieve huge improvements in studies.


Building English Center system with branches across Vietnam.

  • Within 05 years, WISE ENGLISH will finish setting up our system to have at least 15 branches across the country, help at least 70,000 young people change their English study methods… Starting raising capital (equitization) to expand and franchise.
  • In 10 years, WISE ENGLISH will issue shares to the public (Initial Public Offering – IPO), establish at least 50 branches across the country and go INTERNATIONALLY (both branches and franchises) and help at least 250,000 young people change their English study methods.

Core values & Corporate culture

Core values

  • Follow our MISSION to help students and serve people
  • The students comes first (priority must be given to Quality of teaching and an increase of students’ experiences)
  • Care for the company’s staff (People are the most important thing)
  • Preserve and promote Corporate Culture
  • Do business with integrity, honesty and ethics

Corporate culture

  • Dedication
  • Taking responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Proactive in work
  • Loving and supporting to teammates
  • Positive thinking, Curiosity
  • Honesty

Job Descriptions


      – IELTS Teacher (full-time or part-time, with preferably full-time).


      –  Salary range: 15$ – 22$/h (part-time) or around 30,000,000 VND per month (full-time).

      – Bonuses when students obtain their targets for IELTS.

      – Professional, supportive and happy working environment.

      – Get training about curriculum/teaching plan and WISE’s special methods based on the NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Linguistics before taking classes.

     – Get training about IELTS Skills.

     – Dinners are provided.

     – National holidays: in accordance with Vietnamese law.

     – Personal development and achieve much progress in the profession.

     – Opportunities to attend outdoor and teambuilding activities.

     – Informal help for Vietnamese language learning if needed.

Job Descriptions

     – Teaching IELTS and Communicative English.

     – Support students in their studies.

Job Requirements

     – Have IELTS teaching experience for at least 06 months, know IELTS exam structure and how it is scored.

     – Native English teachers.

     – Professional, energetic, friendly, and motivated.

     – Committed to work for at least 06 months. Committed to finish the courses (2.5 months) once taken and use the curriculum, lesson plans, methods provided after training.